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I am interested in assisting AHIS o provide seniors with afriendship community and support to live independently and participate in theirhome community as they age. 


I am interestedin volunteering or finding out more about the following AHIS Committees.   Please submit this form to the addresslisted below or call the phone number for further information.


 Communications Committee

Writing articles for the newsletter.

Work and provide technical assistance on the AHIS Website.

Developing, updating, and managing internal manuals to providedirections for administrative tasks.

Develop contacts for our Discount Partner Program

Develop contacts for our Giving program

 Company Calling Committee

Arrange contact with members who wish to have more communicationwith other members and volunteers

Intergenerational Committee

Work with school system to develop programs that will increase cooperation,interaction or exchange between and among generations.

Person to Person Committee

Informational monthly meetings and encourage mild exerciseprogram offered by the Town of Somers. Provides different interest and discussion groups

Telephone tree to alert members to attend AHIS sponsored events.

Program Committee

Producing and organizing events to promote AHIS as a CommunityOrganization by organizing small parties and special events for members andtheir guests.

Membership Committee 

Issue new membership information and manage annual renewals

Manage intake questionnaire process of new members.

Transportation Committee

Drivers provide travel for AHIS members in need oftransportation for medical appointments, food delivery, hairdresser and such.

Responders answer the phone from members and contact drivers fortransportation needs, handyman for small household chores, and manage the workbinder containing forms, schedules, phone logs, names addresses and telephone numbers of members

 Volunteer Committee

Develop outreach programs with the various Somers Organizationsto promote AHIS and recruit volunteers

Set up and attend various Town events to promote AHIS and recruit volunteers

Liaison with RSVP to have volunteers an enrollment form for the program

Communicate with appropriate committees to place volunteers in accordance with their interests

Remind volunteers to submit their monthly hours to the Volunteer Coordinator and our Database Coordinator

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