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Administrative Responsibilities
  1. Maintain a current register of all lots and owners. Prepare and mail new homeowner packets containing bylaws, welcome letter and brief synopsis of covenants.
  2. Prepare and send assessment statements to all lot owners.
  3. Receive, record and deposit all revenues received by the Association.
  4. Monitor delinquent accounts and as prescribed, send appropriate notices and file liens with attorney, when necessary.
  5. Maintain all checking and saving accounts
  6. Verify all statements for services rendered and/or materials received. Prepare accounts payable checks for signatures. Promptly mail payments to vendors, suppliers or contractors.
  7. Establish and maintain check request forms.
  8. Transact all matters pertaining to insurance claims, premium payments and ensure association coverage is current.
  9. Perform all bookkeeping functions for the association, using a modified accrual basis and coordinate with the CPA office, as required, for delegated accounting functions and for annual financial/tax purposes. Pay all taxes incurred by the Association.
  10. Coordinate with Board to ensure accuracy of the releases as they pertain to association and Board activities.
  11. Attend four Board meetings.
  12. Attend one annual meeting.
  13. Coordinate with Board Secretary in the preparation of minutes and agenda; distribute to all directors prior to the regular meeting; review monthly financial statements and send copies to the directors.
  14. Provide financial data to committee chairpersons preparing annual budgets; coordinate with them, if requested.
  15. Provide the Treasurer with all financial reports on a monthly basis.
  16. Prepare monthly and annual financial statements.
  17. Obtain bids and contract for services in support of the current operations and maintenance of the association properties.
  18. Ensure all contractors provide a certificate of insurance prior to commencing work.


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