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Mystic Shores Governing Documents (DCCRs)

Property Owners in Mystic Shores want to make our community a better place to live and enhance long term property values. In order to do this, everyone must comply with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR's). Mystic Shores has more than twenty different units in the community, each with a different set of DCCRs.

Property owners receive a copy of the master DCCR's and those specific to their unit at closing. These documents are also  shown here. If you are unsure as to your unit number, check your lot number and cross-reference it here.

Most violations occur as a result of insufficient information or misinformation. 
Please note: there is a violation fine schedule posted under POA Policies and Rules.
If you have any questions, please call the Association office at (210) 561-0606.
 Master Community DCCR's
 Unit 1, Lots 2-198
 Unit 2, Lots 199-225
 Unit 3, Lots 226-346
 Unit 4, Lots 357-524
 Unit 6, Lots 652-672, 1026-1036
 Unit 7, Lots 673-805
 Unit 8, Lots 806-1004
 Unit 9, Lots 1005-1025, 1037-1098
 Unit 10, Lots 1099-1186
 Unit 11, Lots 1323-1400
 Unit 12, Lots 1401-1543
 Unit 13, Lots 1625-1700
 Unit 14, Lots 1743-1873
 Unit 15, Lots 1874-1926
 Unit 16, Lots 1927-1978
 Unit 17, Lots 1187-1273
 Unit 18, Lots 1979-2101
 Unit 19, Lots 2102-2149
 Unit 20, Lots 2150-2252
 Unit 21, Lots 2256-2347
 River's Edge, Unit 1, Lots 1274-1303
 Mystic Shores Map

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