Casitas BOD
The purpose of the Casitas Board is to govern the Casitas community. Topics that may be covered at board meetings include:

• Finances – budget, cash flow, and assessment collection
• Contracts – building maintenance, grounds management, reserve study, facilities usage
• Management – upkeep and repair of the property, staff supervision and services to homeowners
• Legal Responsibilities – rules, regulations, policy enforcement, meetings and elections.

The Casitas board meets twice per year, with additional meetings scheduled as needed. Casitas Board agendas are posted to the website 2 days prior to board meetings and are emailed to Casitas homeowners with emails of file with the HOA.

Current Board Members are:

Carlos Caldas - President - Term ends 12/30/2020 
Charles 'Bryan' Stevenson - Treasurer - Term ends 12/03/2019
Daniel Callahan - Director - Term Ends: 12/3/2020

For any question or concern, please email your Board:

 - Carlos Caldas at [email protected] 
 - Charles 'Bryan' Stevenson [email protected]
- Daniel Callahan - [email protected]